How can I boost my immune system ?

Especially in this extraordinary year, when a virus called Covid19 suddenly and unexpectedly brought our world into a state of emergency, it is more important than ever to strengthen the immune system! How can I nourish myself, which vitamins help and what else can I do? The big fives as a Immune System Booster:

Number 1: “Doctor Woods” is the best medicine and it’s for free!

Exercise in the fresh air! Take a walk in the woods! Anyone who trains deeper breathing at the same time supplies their cells with sufficient oxygen! And we know – oxygen is life! In addition, nature has a pleasant effect on our psyche, it releases negative thoughts and happiness hormones can be produced! “Doctor Woods” is the best!

Number 2: Take a bath like the ancient Romans!

Treat yourself to a bath with essential oils, such as: thyme, mint, sage, eucalyptus or lavender, plus a cup of sea salt or 1/4 cup or vegetable oil as a base. In the drugstore you can also find ready-made bath salts or oils in all possible variations. Bathing relaxes, cleanses the skin and the essential oils unfold their positive effect on the entire organism.

Number 3: Vitamins and Co! Little helpers with a big impact!

Vitamin C – preferably in liposomal form – is particularly well absorbed by the body.

Zinc – a trace element that is involved in the formation and activation of immune cells and thus can fight off pathogens.

Proteins or amino acids – are extremely important for the immune system. Amino acids – are the smallest form of proteins with a huge effect! Your body needs them, among other things, to make antibodies, and to fight pathogens! Lysine is one of the 8 essential amino acids that works wonderfully against viruses such as herpes and Covid19.

Vitamin D3 – the ultimate killer hormone! Only with sufficient vitamin D the T-cells in the body can be activated, which are responsible for fighting pathogens.

Number 4: Drink enough and have a good nutrition!

Water is part of all of our body cells. We need sufficient fluids for all organs, especially for our brain, our intestines and our kidneys. Still water, fresh vegetable and fruit juices or kombucha are therefore extremely important in order to stay in the “flow”. A good combination of fresh salads, vegetables, nuts, high-quality oils, fatty fish, lean meat and whole grains is the base for a good immune system.

Number 5: Avoiding negative stress!

Every newspaper and television headline is negative. This automatically triggers fears in us humans, which in turn has an unhealthy effect on our immune system. It’s the same when you constantly surround yourself with pessimistic people. So it’s better to go back to happy reading, nice films, travel documentaries and nice conversations with optimistic people! In this way happiness hormones can arise again, you become happy and – as we know, laughter is probably the best medicine!

With this in mind – Keep on smiling & stay healthy!

Thanks for reading!

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