3 very simple ways we can all live a little healthier!

3 very simple ways we can all live a little healthier!

3 little tips for you with great effects:

Living healthier – it’s actually very easy when we understand that it’s not difficult at all and that even small changes can have a big impact!
A healthy life doesn’t have to be complicated, you just have to know how!

Tip 1: Warm lemon water in the morning after getting up!

Lemons taste sour, however they alkaline our body! They also give us a good portion of vitamin C, get our digestion going and make our skin glow! Preparation: 1/2 liter or 15 ounces of boiled water, let cool until it is a comfortable temperature for you and squeeze 1/2 fresh lemon. If you have a sensitive stomach, only 1/4 lemon. In case you have no lemons, you can use limes. 

Tip 2: Daily exercise in the fresh air!

Our body wants to be moved, our lungs want to be ventilated and our soul wants to dangle! Daily hiking, walking, running in nature keeps us healthy and fit!

Tip 3: Conscious rest and relaxation phases!

Take time for yourself, turn off your cell phone, create a pleasant atmosphere and enjoy the peace and quiet. Daydream, stare into space or listen to the chirping of the birds. Just do nothing and give your system a break. Your body will thank you!

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