Acupressure against stress and anxiety

Acupressure against stress and anxiety

Acupressure to relieve stress and tension

3 of my favorite pressure points against stress

In traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure is an effective method that has been used for centuries. When the energy, the so-called “Qi”, can no longer flow properly, the body gets out of balance. By activating certain pressure points on the body, it can help to bring this energy back into balance and restore health.

It is a wonderful method that you can easily apply yourself anywhere and at any time. Once you know where the right points are, it is very easy and can quickly bring relief from symptoms such as restlessness, pain and nausea. Today I’m going to introduce you to three points for stress and anxiety symptoms. Try them out and let me know how they have worked for you.

1. Yin Tang

Yin Tang, also known as “hall of impression” is above the nose at the exact midpoint between the two eyebrows – the “third eye area”. Doing acupressure on this point calms the spirit, can help relieve stress and anxiety and brings you deep presence. You can stimulate this point by gently pressing it directly with your finger for at least 30 seconds. Breath calm and deep.

"Life is a balance between holding and letting go" (Rumi)

2. Hegu

The Hegu point you can find where the thumb and index finger join together.  Massage or hold the point for at least 30 seconds up to a few minutes. You can also change the hands. Breath calm and slowly. This point is great to relieve stress and tension headaches. 

3. BaiHui

The BaiHui point sits on the top of the head. It can help with many types of anxiety and symptoms like dizziness, headache and tense jaw. Look for the exact center of the top of the head and gently massage for a few seconds, gradually increasing to longer massages. 


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