Ashwagandha – the Indian Ginseng with calming and rejuvenating effects

Ashwagandha – the Indian Ginseng with calming and rejuvenating effects

Ashwagandha - the calming and rejuvenating Ayurvedic medicine

Indian Ginseng powder - the fourth path from my series "7 natural ways against anxiety"

In Ayurvedic medicine people have used Ashwagandha for thousands of years to relief stress, improve concentration and energy. The Indian Ginseng is an adaptogen herb that is often used as a natural remedy for anxiety. However, this magical powder has much more to offer, it fights free radicals that cause damage to the brain and body and protects our cells from degeneration, therefore it is also known for its anti-aging effect and rejuvenating mind and body.  Ashwagandha helps to improve focus, reduce fatigue and fights anxiety without the side effects of most anti-anxiety medications. 

How to use Ashwagandha

There are many ways to take this natural remedy. You can use it in tablets or powder, however which way you choose, be sure of a good, organic quality product. People who would like to increase their energy levels, they prefer to take it in the morning with a glass of warm water or add it to their morning cereal. Others prefer to take it more in the evening to calm down and improve a good night sleep. You can also mix the powder with your favorite vegan milk and honey. To calm down the nervous system and treat anxiety you can take it any time of the day. 

"Let nature be your path of healing"

Multiple studies have shown that extracts of Ashwagandha produces anxiety-relieving effects, so let’s give it a try and tell me about your experiences. I hope that this ancient medicinal herb helps you to become healthy and strong again! 

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you many happy, anxiety-free moments! 

Yours Nina 

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