Hi, I'm Nina!

On this page, I will tell you a little about myself.

Hi, my name is Nina!

Health Coach & Naturopath with passion, long-term traveler, podcaster, Yoga teacher. I write about all sorts of topics related to health, wellness, beauty, lifestyle, travel, teach holistic medicine and I firmly believe that You have the strength to turn your personal path into your own, understandable health – with me by your side as Your Health coach!

first steps

Where I started

“Every expert began as an amateur.”

Jeffrey Fry

Health has always been my way. As a teenager, I was interested in all topics related to medicine, wellness and naturopathy. Then one day when I was given a stethoscope, I was overjoyed. My path seemed determined. I wanted to become a Medical Doctor.  My wish was to help people get and stay healthy.

But my path should be different. After graduating from high school, I didn’t feel ready to take on medical school. That’s why I immediately immersed myself in the world of work and spent many years as a doctor´s assistant. I learned a lot during that time.

I worked in many areas of medicine such as urology, surgery, dermatology, orthopedics and benefited from the knowledge of the experienced medical professionals. It was great and fun. But something always seemed to be missing to me to understand the whole story. Why did most patients feel better only for a short time? Very few actually became symptom-free or healthy. The explanation to me at that point was that conventional medicine is mainly specialized in treating symptoms. The majority of the patients were satisfied with this system. When you got sick, you were prescribed medication – that was the way it was. That didn’t make me happy, I didn’t want to be satisfied with it. I felt that it was time for change.

So I looked for other methods. I became a wellness trainer and immediately afterwards started training as a massage therapist. Numerous costly training courses followed all over the world. Chiropractic training in Sweden, yoga teacher in California, nutrition coaching in Canada. My clients benefited from my new skills. I was still looking for  treatment methods to offer everyone a suitable solution for their health problem. 100 percent of my life revolved around health and medicine. I finally knew that it was time for my medical studies. 

In order to combine my knowledge in one profession, I studied alternative medicine in Germany – I finally felt ready for a degree that required my full attention. I spent countless hours in front of thick medicine books, I was passionate about it, learned from the best and became a Naturopath. A wish became a reality. After graduating, I quickly opened my first medical office, then a second. I wanted to help. My patients split into two groups. The one who wanted an ailment and just a medicine, an exercise or a magic grip to get well – the other group were long-suffering people who stood in front of me in despair and just wanted help. They had seen every doctor and healer for years. I heard a wide variety of stories during this time. From chronic inflammation, skin problems, hormonal disorders, unfulfilled desire to have children, autoimmune diseases, loss of taste, intestinal problems, to malignant diseases, neurological disorders, depression and burnout syndrome. 

During this time I worked with full passion and dedication to offer everyone a suitable therapy concept. I gave my best, took a lot of time for each one, worked with devotion, empathized with my patients and finally burned out. What happened?

my new life

Changing my life

“If you want a life you have not lived before – you have to do things you have never done.”

It was time to focus on myself. – I closed my practice and took a leap. My husband and I sold the house and everything we had built over the years and started an incredible adventure. Today, we are starting our fourth year on the road, traveling the world, experience cultures, and life full of obstacles and challenges. It turned out traveling is the greatest and most transforming experiences of my life!

All about you

Coaching you!

“Coaching is the universal language of change and learning.”

Today I follow my heart and my calling and create the life of my dreams. I started my own online coaching business in which I share my knowledge and tools for self-responsible health with my clients on a daily basis.

I believe that I have a unique perspective on health in general and I’m able to provide a simple approach to health in an understandable way for self-responsible persons.

I know what it feels like to be lost, overwhelmed, insecure, and unfulfilled. I don’t feel that way anymore and I want to support you to find your own path to self-responsible health, to connect with your true self, and to create a life that you love.


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